Upcoming Events

October 2024 - Cirali, Turkey

Led by Anastasia Pagliacci

Email us for more information at info@yogarest.cz or contact anastasia.pagliacci@gmail.com

The retreat is located on the beach, surrounded by mountains. On one side is the ancient city of Olympos and on the other is Mount Chimera, with the everlasting fire burning. A spiritual oasis. Everyone will live in bungalows in an orange grove, walking distance from the water.


- Daily universal and mandala yoga

- Pranayama

- Meditations (bonus underwater meditation)

- Diving into the subconscious

- Boat trip to a beautiful clean bay

- Climbing the mystical burning Mount Chimera

- Master classes for balances, headstands, backbends, splits, and even handstands (note: this will be available for all levels)

We will all master our bodies and bminds, becoming more confident in our Selves. It will be physical but also a deep inner transformation.