Marina Petrovna

Yin LVL1 Vinyasa LVL2  

Yoga brought Marina peace from the very first day. For ten years, she enjoyed classes with teachers worldwide while living in Singapore, New Zealand, the USA, and more.

After finding a supportive community in California in 2016, she embraced that positive environment and took the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga in San Diego. Wanting even more, she continued the 300-hr YTT. As an active person, Marina simultaneously trained in martial arts. 

After moving to Prague, Marina continued with sports in Europe and balancing that with the practice of yoga. Her goal at the studio is to bring people together in a happy environment, to facilitate personal physical and emotional growth, and to provide an oasis for yoga and fitness students alike.

"Believe in your heart that you're meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic, and miracles"

Marketa Mordova

Vinyasa LVL2 

Yoga became a part of Marketa's life 5 years ago. It wasn't love at first sight for a handball player and a great athlete. Instead, it was a big challenge she was trying to overcome. 

But as time passed, she realized that yoga classes are not about overcoming yourself, taking on challenges, or forcing yourself into asanas. She understood yoga classes and their purpose and understood myself and her body, and started listening to it. 

That's how Marketa fell in love with yoga, its philosophy, the asanas, herself, and her body.

In Marketa's classes, you can expect a flow to help you fall in love. Vinyasa yoga will help you discover the hidden power within you.

Let's start moving together, close our eyes, and open our hearts. Let's be ourselves and each for ourselves, yet together, flowing together, getting to know ourselves, and enjoying yoga's beauty.

"Don't you ever give up on love, kindness and trust! Life is beautiful, let it flow through your heart"

Anastasia Pagliacci

Vinyasa & Sound Healing LVL2

A Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, aerial and face yoga instructor and sound vibration therapist. 

Teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin at Yoga&Rest

Loves nature, traveling, outdoor activities, roller skating, slackline, self-development, exciting people, laughter, mountains, and the ocean! I am learning to live in balance with myself, the beings around me, and nature.

I teach yoga because it helps you change and grow. It doesn't make you happy but leads you as a lighthouse on a journey deep into yourself, where under the sands of imposed values, under the noise of other people's voices, are all the answers. And the more people start looking inside, the better this world will be!

"There are no good or bad in the world. There are happy and unhappy people."

Becca Horak 

Vinyasa LVL2

Becca is I'm from Vancouver, Canada. 

She received my 200hr certificate here in Prague! 

Becca have been interested in health and fitness for over a decade, which helped her find the way within the yoga world.

She enjoys strength and conditioning training, so you can expect to see that within my practice. 

We will work on the overall body and add a little HIIT (high-intensity interval training ) but don't worry, it's just a splash of spice here and there ūüėČ

Expect our practice to include traditional asanas through the dynamic flow of Vinyasa.

Kateryna Lenchevska

Hatha & Sound Healing LVL1

Eleven years ago, Kateryna attended her first yoga class and she totally loved it. Since then, yoga has been her life calling.

Kateryna's first yoga retreat experience was leading a group of her yoga mentors. She felt like it was meant to be for her to leave her office job and become a yoga teacher.

Her teachers were the renowned Andrey Sidersky, Dmitry Zubarev, Anna Levchenko, Taisiya Pavlyukova, Maxim Zagumennikov, and Darina Egorova. She passed the author's Balance yoga course by Valentina Malinovskaya, Biomechanics from Sergey Mirko, and training on myofascial release from Black Roll Ukraine.

Kateryna's classes are very by dynamic with exciting combinations of asanas, and if the students are ready, they can try some handstands.

"Everything you are searching for is already withing you."

Dominika Valdova 

Yogalates LVL2

Dominika has been a sports enthusiast since childhood and discovered the path of yoga and the pilates method during adolescence. 

She practiced yoga initially to regulate emotions and relieve stress, but over time, she started experiencing the physical health benefits and a profound mind-body connection. As awareness of her body deepened, she felt the need to incorporate regular pilates sessions. These sessions aimed to strengthen her body, improve posture, and address specific discomforts. 

As time progressed, Dominika enrolled in and completed a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course with Yoga Renew. A few months later, she also participated in a Pilates Teacher Training in Prague.

Dominika's passion for sharing her love of yoga and pilates is evident in her classes, which offer the perfect blend of both practices. 

Her students can expect to engage in breathing exercises that help slow down and attune to their bodies, pilates routines that functionally engage muscles, and a series of stretching and yoga poses to enhance flexibility, promote joint health, and release tension. 

In essence, each lesson is diverse, offering students the opportunity to become stronger both physically and mentally along the way.

''Learn by doing.''

Zuzana Lev√°

My yoga journey started 7+ years ago when I sought something to calm my mind and help me feel more present in my busy life. While I've had periods on and off the mat, I'd always happily return to yoga practice. In 2023 I decided to deepen my practice and knowledge and joined the 200h Yoga Teacher Training with PYC. My practice involves asanas, breath work and occasional meditation. Learning to respect and listen to my body daily is an ongoing process.

During our classes we will explore flows that balance challenging asanas and stillness, aiming to make you feel both present and discover new ways of movement, always with kindness and respect for our bodies. I think it's important to always listen to your body, whether it's a sweaty and strong flow or a need for long Shavasana, you can always modify the practice to make you feel better. I incorporate music into our practice, creating a harmonious atmosphere that aligns with the breath.

Also! I love good food, filter coffee and hiking

Looking forward to seeing you on a mat!