A regenerative and calming practice that will help you relax and unwind.

In this practice, individual positions are designed to cool down and relax the body, allowing you to connect with yourself and the flow of your thoughts. By focusing on your breath and being present at the moment, you can release muscle tension and respect your body's signals.

Once you find a safe and comfortable position, you can fully relax your muscles, which supports the flow of energy and nutrients to your connective tissues. These tissues play an important role in holding your bones together, connecting your muscles to your bones, and keeping your organs in place.

To help you achieve maximum muscle relaxation, we provide aids such as bolsters, blocks, and blankets. Yin yoga is suitable for all ages and levels, and we recommend bringing warm clothes to ensure your comfort throughout the practice.

Hatha & Sound Healing⚡️

The lesson emphasizes the basic principles of asana practice: long, deep, and complete breathing and conscious movement. We stretch and strengthen our bodies by holding positions for longer and focusing on our inner experiences. Each lesson is prepared with a specific topic, but always to feel joy.

The whole practice will flow gently from the basic yoga positions, through the sun salutations and very gentle vinyasas, to the ground, where we anchor and prepare the body for a well-deserved final relaxation.

This a great lesson for anyone looking for a deeper connection between their body and mind or a harmonious and balanced yoga lesson.

Vinyasa LVL ⚡️ to⚡️⚡️⚡️

The lesson focuses on the fundamental principles of asana practice, such as long, deep, and complete breathing and conscious movement.

During the lesson, we hold each position for a slightly shorter time and pay attention to the connection between breath and movement. It's an excellent opportunity to allow our minds to get lost in the asana flow and make room for our intuition to emerge.

Although each lesson is designed with a specific topic, you will always feel lighter after class.

The best part is that we practice with love for ourselves, making it an ideal lesson for anyone seeking physical and mental relaxation after a tiring workday.

Vinyasa & Sound Healing ⚡️⚡️

This yoga sequence is inspiring!

Not only will it move your spine in all the right ways, but it will also help you to breathe more deeply and expand both your body and mind. You'll feel your body loosen up with each inhale and exhale, and your mind becomes more focused.

Consider adding Tibetan Sound Bowl healing for an even more uplifting yoga experience. This holistic practice has been used for centuries to help balance the mind and body and can significantly enhance your yoga practice.

By incorporating the soothing sounds of the Tibetan Sound Bowl into your practice, you'll feel an even greater sense of relaxation and inner peace, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in practice and reap all of the fantastic benefits of yoga.

Ashtanga ⚡️⚡️⚡️

First series of Ashtanga Yoga combined with Vinyasa. We are starting with Sun Salutations A and B. An essential element of the practice is tristasana, i.e., ujjayi breath, the direction of gaze-drishti, and bandhas-energy locks in our body.

We go through all the standing and seated postures in Sanskrit with vinyasa in between (skips or transitions between poses), a dynamic element of ashtanga yoga that keeps the body in a constant heart rate, building the necessary strength and stamina through vinyasa.

We will go through the final postures, from bridges to the last three seated poses and Shavasana. The class is kept in rhythm, increasing stamina and fitness with its momentum, ridding the body of excess fat, and opening the hips, strengthening weakened muscles. It needs discipline and a positive attitude; everything will come by itself.

This class is suitable for students who already know at least the sun salutations A and B and are familiar with the basics of the Ashtanga Yoga system. The postures come together, so the sequence and the poses are learned gradually over time and honed.

Yogalates ⚡️⚡️

Join us on the mat to focus mindfully on improving strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility in various Pilates exercises and yoga poses. We'll primarily work with our core muscles, but we won't forget to engage other key body parts while achieving better body posture and releasing tension.

This lesson will offer you not only physical practice, but it will also show you how body and mind are interconnected, meaning every change starts within our minds. We will incorporate breathing exercises (pranayama) at the beginning and end of the classes to ground ourselves, get rid of stress and anxiety, and overall improve our well-being. Positive affirmations may be introduced to you so you can infuse your life with more joy and freedom

Yin and Yang⚡️

Yin and Yang yoga is a complementary practice that combines two contrasting yet harmonious elements of yoga. Yin represents the passive, still, and introspective aspect, characterised by long-held, relaxed poses that target deep connective tissues. In contrast, Yang embodies the active, dynamic, and muscular aspect, involving flowing sequences and poses to build strength and flexibility. This practice aims to balance these opposing forces, promoting physical, mental, and energetic harmony while fostering a holistic sense of well-being.

Kundalini ⚡️⚡️

Kundalini yoga is also called laya yoga or the yoga of awareness, since it allows you to work with the physical body, and with the subtle body, which is responsible for emotions and feelings.
This is why kundalini yoga is powerful - it teaches us how to interact with the body, mind and consciousness.
This type of yoga consists of a wide range of yogic techniques: dynamic and static exercises combined in special sequences (kriyas), pranayama, mantra, meditation, mudra, drishti (gaze directions), bandhas (locks).
The kriya - is an ancient technique of meditation and alternately performing a set of exercises that allow you to create a powerful flow of energy in the human body. In the process of performing exercises and meditations, we observe our sensations, develop the effect presence "here and now," we monitor what is changing. All this helps us to be more holistic, calm and aware.

Kundalini yoga is suitable for both beginners and intermediates. We will be glad to see you in our classes. 

Office Yoga

Office yoga is a form of yoga that is specifically designed for office workers. It consists of simple yoga poses, stretches, and breathing exercises to bring relief after working days.

The purpose of office yoga is to help reduce the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time and to promote physical and mental well-being.

Complex of asanas are designed to target areas of the body that may become tight or tense from sitting, such as the neck, shoulders, back, and hips.

Office yoga is an ecological way to take care of your physical and mental well-being.


What do the levels mean?

  • 1 ⚡️Beginner classes for students to get comfortable with yoga asanas...easily accessible for all practitioners.
  • 2 ⚡️⚡️: For those familiar with different asanas and would like to advance their practice.  
  • 3 ⚡️⚡️⚡️: If you want to maintain your practice but also experiment with inversions and headstands, try this level. But everyone is welcome and modifications will be provided. 

Will LVL3 classes be too difficult?

No! It is for more advanced students but everyone is welcome since adjustments and easier poses will be offered.

What do you have inside the studio?

We have everything you might need! 

Around 20 mats and blocks. Also, some tea/coffee, a shower, locker rooms (male/female), towels, and disinfectors for the mats.

How do I cancel my booking?

To secure teacher payments, we ask you to cancel 2 hours before the class starts. 

If you don't show up to the class, the payment for it will be redeemed either way.

You can cancel your class bookings in our online scheduling system, by sending us a message on Instagram or calling us.